guinea pig education

I absolutely love guinea pigs and have owned several over the years. Right now I am a proud piggy Mom to 4 guinea pigs - Loki, Bianca Valentine, Phoenix and Kiwi Herman. My piggies are animal ambassadors that help me teach kids about the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership. 


I've been teaching animal education classes for 10 years in science centers and museums, and I currently work with Outschool - a fantastic virtual educational platform with learners from around the world. I also teach LIVE classes in Marin County.

animal education events in marin -

BIRTHDAY PARTIES - Loki, Bianca Valentine, Phoenix and Kiwi Herman are my 4 guinea pigs. They love celebrating birthdays and meeting new friends!

GIRL SCOUT TROOPS -  Loki, Bianca Valentine, Phoenix and Kiwi Herman are animal ambassadors who love teaching kids about guinea pigs. Earn your "Pets at Home Badge" or an "Animal Habitats Badge"! We'll learn what it takes to help a guinea pig survive and thrive.

PRESCHOOLS - Give young children an opportunity to explore the world around them with a visit from Loki, Bianca Valentine, Phoenix and Kiwi Herman! I combine inquiry based and hands-on learning to help children become active participants in the learning process.

Image by Marc Meyer
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current classes

Guinea Pig Maker Class (ages 6-9) -

10:30am - 11:30am

Each Saturday we will be making something for our guinea pigs! You'll learn about proper care, handling, feeding ,socialization, bonding, grooming, behaviors, communication and more.  

Lunch Time with Guinea Pigs (ages 6-9) -

11:30am - 12:15pm

What are some of your guinea pig's favorite foods? How much, and what, should they be fed daily? Join us as we make treats for our guinea pigs. Take yours home for your pig or feed them to my guinea pigs! 

Preschool Meet & Greet (ages 3-5)

12:30pm - 1pm

Do you have an animal loving little one who would get a kick out of meeting real, LIVE, guinea pigs? In this class we will enjoy a short story, make a simple craft and have fun interacting with guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Maker Class (ages 10-13)

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Guinea pigs make great pets for people of all ages and in this class, older kids will have a chance to share their knowledge of piggies, make enrichment toys and structures, create healthy snacks for their pig(s) and more!