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I'm Liesha and the Owner/Operator at Dog Adventure Camps. I live in beautiful Marin County, CA with my teenage daughter, our dogs (Momar and Tula), our budgies (Tiny and Teeny) and our guinea pigs (Loki, Bianca, Phoenix and Kiwi Herman). 


While I've called Northern California my home for 25 years, I grew up in the Midwest. From a young age I was surrounded by animals and there hasn't been a time when our family didn't have a dog or cat roaming the halls. In the summers we would travel to my grandparent's farm in rural Indiana where I would cuddle with all of the barn cats and kittens. I was wildly allergic to cats back then but it didn't matter, I just couldn't help myself. When my parents brought home our first family dog, they let me choose the name and it being the 70's, and favorite TV show being Happy Days, the name for our Sheltie would become Fonzi. Fonzi was the coolest dog in town.  Now that I have a family of my own, I continue to raise animals of all kinds. One day I hope to have a small farm with goats and chickens and maybe a pony or two but for now my 8 pets keep life pretty interesting.


Naturally, I think everybody should have a dog so, about 10 years ago, I decided to do my part to make it possible by becoming a dog walker. I started off walking neighborhood dogs with my daughter in the sling and all these years later I still find so much joy in hiking and playing with dogs in the neighborhood. Knowing that I'm providing peace of mind to other dog owners while they're working or traveling makes me happy. I absolutely LOVE my job!

So, that's the story of Dog Adventure Camps. I look forward to connecting with you and taking your dog on some incredible adventures.



Image by Jamie Street