Image by Jake Oates


Dog walks. daycare. boarding. puppy visits. kitty visits.


Boarding - $50 - $65/night

If you have a small dog and are looking for a safe, warm and nurturing home away from home, look no further! Your dog will have fun playing and snoozing with my two small dogs while you're traveling. Boarding is a complete package with daily walks, feeding, playing and lots of belly rubs! Pricing varies depending on the length of your stay.

Daycare - $45/full day

Do you need to be away from home and want to rest easy knowing that your dog is happy and having fun in your absence? If you have a small dog who would enjoy the company of my two small dogs, drop them off or I'll happily pick up and drop off. Daycare includes walks, treats, play, cuddles and plenty of TLC.

Puppy Visits - $20/30 minutes

If your pup is still too young to socialize or play with other dogs, usually 4 months and younger, I'll come to your home and let him out for a potty in the yard, feed him breakfast, lunch or dinner and even work on simple training tricks. I can make a once daily visit or multiple daily visits. Photo updates are always included!

Kitty Visits - $20/30 minutes

Yes, I also love cats! I'll come to your home and feed your cat, scoop and/or change the litterbox, play with wand toys and give lots of cuddles and pets to your feline friend while you're away from home. I'm also happy to bring in the mail and water plants and handle any other small tasks.

Group Hikes - $30

If you have a friendly dog, of any size, and want them to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, I'd love to provide them with a big adventure in beautiful Marin!  These are small pack hikes filled with tons of attention, lots of stimulation and big time adventure. Expect your dog to picked up around 10am and dropped off around noon. All dog will be watered and towel dried if it's a rainy day.