Image by Jake Oates


Dog Adventure Camps was founded in 2010 with a goal of giving the dogs of Marin County the ultimate adventures. We celebrate the awesomeness that is the DOG! The god of frolic, canines have so much to teach us and they do it all with complete and unconditional love.


Daily dog walks are great for socialization and exercise, but did you know that they also aide in digestion and support healthy bone and joint development? Additionally, daily hikes help prevent destructive behaviors caused by anxiety and boredom. In other words, regular exercise is good for the physical, mental and emotional well being of your dog!


At Dog Adventure Camps, it's our goal to give your dog the love and attention that they need while giving you - their person - peace of mind. We are out hiking every day, three times a day! We keep our packs small to ensure safety, attention and top quality TLC for every dog. We group dogs by energy levels and temperaments and we accept friendly dogs who are current with vaccines and flea & tick preventatives. 

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"Dog Adventure Camps is AMAZING!!!!!

(5 exclamation points for 5 stars!). We love the small groups and Liesha is super responsive and communicative."

Ellen L.


"Liesha is great with our dog and it's obvious how happy he is on his outings and how tired out he his afterwards. Liesha has a great love of animals and is reliable and always on time."

Lisa M.


"Liesha is loving, responsible and easy to work with...our dogs love her! She takes our dogs on incredible hikes and takes wonderful photographs."

Joan C.


"I've never seen my dog happier (or more tired out) when he comes back from his daily hikes. Liesha is fantastic and we highly recommend her!"

Blaise S.


Group Hikes -

$35/2 hours 

If you have a friendly dog, of any size, and want them to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, we'd love to provide them with a big adventure in beautiful Marin!  These are small pack hikes filled with

attention, stimulation and exploration. Create a full 5 day schedule combined with Playgroups or stick with Group Hikes for the week.


Playgroups -

$25/1 hour 

Our Playgroups provides socialization, mental stimulation and exercise at local, fenced, dog friendly parks. Dogs must be well socialized with other dogs as we'll be playing in community parks. Playgroup is a great way to give your dog a daily adventure packed with dog to dog interaction. Extend your dog's Group Hike with Playgroups or stick with Playgroups for the week.


Puppy Visits - $30/30 minutes

If your pup is still too young to socialize or play with other dogs, usually 4 months and younger, we'll come to your home and let him out for a potty in the yard, feed him breakfast, lunch or dinner and even work on simple training tricks. We can make a once daily visit or multiple daily visits. Photo updates are always included!

Kitty Visits - $30/30 minutes

Yes, we also love cats! We'll come to your home and feed your cat, scoop and/or change the litterbox, play with wand toys and give lots of cuddles and pets to your feline friend while you're away from home. We're also happy to bring in the mail and water plants and handle any other small tasks.